GreenFedâ„¢ Raw Cheddar & Havarti

A delightful combination of both our raw cheeses, one pound each - see below for descriptions: Beyond Organic Raw Cheddar is what artisanal cheese is supposed to be. It's pleasingly sharp with a crumbly texture, and a richness and complexity of flavor that can only be found in raw milk, aged cheese. Once you taste the flavor and experience the health benefits, you'll never go back to everyday processed cheddar. Beyond Organic Raw Havarti is an altogether different cheese. Aged to create a pliable, semi-soft texture - it has a rich, almost buttery flavor with just a hint of tanginess. It's also versatile - great sliced and wonderful toasted, or melted, where the buttery flavor becomes even more pronounced. Raw Havarti is the mildest of our cheeses and a great entry into the world of artisanal cheese-making.

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